The Best Digital Marketing Jobs for 2021

One of the fastest growing employment sectors in the UK is digital marketing. Almost every business nowadays has an online presence. Helping them make the most of this and attract more customers is a big part of the job of a digital marketer.

 the best digital marketing jobs

It’s a great area of employment to find yourself involved in and there are many opportunities out there right now.

Whether you’re looking to transfer from another sector or boost your existing career in digital marketing, however, what sort of digital marketing jobs can you hope to find?


Here are some of the top choices for the next 12 months, the posts many companies will be look to fill in 2021:


Content Manager/Content Strategist

Content is still king in the world of marketing. It’s not just about the written word, however. Great content can include blog posts, video, social media engagement, pay per click advertising and infographics, to name just a few.

Content managers need to understand how everything fits together. It’s not simply about researching a list of keywords. Google algorithms and other search media call for nuanced content creation and it’s more about quality than quantity.

You’ll need a handle on how your content is going to impact on the overall marketing strategy of the company you are helping to market. And you’ll need to have a way with words.


SEO and SEM Professional

This area requires deeper technical knowledge and, as such, is highly valued in the world of digital marketing.

  • SEO, or search engine optimisation, is all about how you make sure your content can be found on places like Google.
  • SEM is focused on pay per click advertising. With improvements in areas such as Facebook Ads in recent years, this has proved a profitable way to get the right customers to a client’s digital door.

You need to have an understanding, for example, of how pay per click advertising works as well as the ability to control tight budgets and get the best ROI for your client. This is often a highly results driven job, so if you’re good at getting businesses up the rankings or have a particular talent for optimising ad campaigns, you’ll certainly go far, working as an SEO.


UX designer working at a digital marketing agency in the UK


UX Designer

If you don’t know what UX is, it’s user experience and it’s become increasingly important over the last four or five years. When someone visits a site, they want to be able to find the service or product they are looking for without too much trouble. Sites that are difficult to navigate or don’t download quickly enough can lead to a loss in customers.

The job of the UX designer is to make sure that a client’s site is fit for purpose. They look at a site from the customers point of view and undertake research to find out how businesses can improve the profitability of their online presence and boost revenue by making themselves more accessible.

UX designers are increasingly employed in the initial stages of building a website or app for a business where they work hand in hand with web developers and graphic designers.

man using VR virtual reality at work


VR Video Editor

While it’s still not truly exploded into our psyches just yet, virtual reality or VR is definitely the future. It’s also a relatively new area of digital marketing that is beginning to grow rapidly in 2021. If you want to get into a career from the ground up and you have the relevant experience, this is a really good option.

More and more businesses are looking at the potential of developing virtual reality advertising and marketing companies are crying out for people who can fill the skills gap in this area.


Email Marketer

If this sounds a little old school, even in this super modern age of text and social media, it’s actually still pretty important. You won’t find any major corporation that doesn’t have an email marketing strategy in place.

This is the sort of marketing activity that helps get your message in front of the right customers at the right time. It can build long lasting relationships with existing customers too. Email marketing is a specialist area to work in and you really need to be part content creator, part HTML coder and part analyst.

The key skill you’ll want, however, is to be able to write persuasively. If you can get people to read your email and click through to the company website, you have a rare gift that’s highly sought after in the world of marketing.


Analytics Expert

One area that is vital to marketing is being able to manage the performance of campaigns and understand concepts like big data. It’s not what information you have but what you do with it and how you interpret it.

  • Can you spot how well a particular pay per click campaign is doing when you look at a graph on Google Analytics?
  • Do you understand what the message is and read the tea leaves when it comes in the form of large chunks of big data?

If you have an analytic bent, this could be a great job to go for in 2020. Many marketing companies and other businesses are crying out for people who understand and can interpret the figures, improving return on investment and directing future campaigns.


AI Specialist

One new and exciting area that has begun to gain traction over the last couple of years is artificial intelligence or AI. It’s impacting on all aspects of our lives.

AI is increasingly being used to provide helpline services and improve marketing practices across the board. If you have a technical background and want to be involved in something that is likely to expand rapidly over the next decade or so, this is one area you should get involved in.

digital marketer working on a iPad at a digital marketing agency

Marketing Manager/Director

Finally, no business or marketing outfit is successful without good leaders. If your passion is for bringing teams together and delivering high quality marketing results, there is no better place to be than at the helm with a Head of Marketing job.

You need to have a wide-ranging Knowledge of marketing and the ability to support teams in reaching their goals but you don’t always need high level technical expertise. This is where transferrable skills come in handy and can make a big difference. As with any other sector, great managers and leaders are few and far between and digital marketing is crying out for them. 

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