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RedCat Digital is a digital-focused recruitment agency with a difference. Our values of fair, informed, trusted inform every decision we make.

Those principles have led us to 22 years of successful, partnership-driven relationships with our candidates and clients.

We know that recruitment is not a one-dimensional, quick-fix process. That’s why we have solutions for every stage, designed to suit your business needs. Whether that’s a specific key hire, an entire team, a solution required for a statement of work or anything in between. We create bespoke, flexible solutions that work for your specific requirements.

We’ve worked with a vast range of companies, from global brands to one-man-bands, in all sorts of industries. We understand that in the digital world, what a large enterprise needs is not the same as what a startup needs. This blend of recruitment and industry expertise is what sets RedCat Digital apart, but don’t just take our word for it: ask our team for case studies providing real-life examples of the power of our solutions.

We’re highly-skilled specialists, too. In a dense and complicated market, getting the right person is no easy task. But we’re strategic, data-driven, deeply understanding of our client’s needs, and can find that needle in a haystack. Imagine the toughest, most niche and most demanding hire you need to make. We can find the person to fill that role.

It’s important to know that we’re genuinely committed to diversity and inclusion and equal opportunities at every stage of the recruitment process – we know how important it is for the industry and the people working in it, and consider it a top priority when helping clients.

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