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Paid Media Specialist

The Paid Specialist plays a vital role in daily task execution to achieve our clients’ goals. The Paid Specialist must possess a nimble and diverse range of talents and capabilities to complete each assignment with confidence and finesse. They must also possess a willingness to learn new skills to blend in with an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Task Management and Ownership:

Paid Specialists must manage assigned tasks efficiently with visibility for key stakeholders in Asana, ensuring timely completion, and adherence to instructions provided by the Strategists while maintaining best practices. Specialists must keep Asana due dates up to date as things change based on urgency communicated by strategists and clients. The tasks they must be able to fulfill are:

  • Recurring account optimizations and routine hygiene tasks:
  • – SQRs
  • – Routine budget pacing checks (with strategist oversight)
  • Strategists set and confirm initial budgets, not specialists
  • Placement Audits
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Ad Extension Management
  • Supporting with Keyword Research
  • Analyze campaign performance metrics using tools such as Google Analytics, GA4, to make data driven decisions to improve conversion rates
  • Production of Campaign builds in the UI and editor tools 
  • Strategy led by Strategist, with Specialists owning the development of PPC and social advertising campaigns across multiple platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Linkedin Ads, focusing on keyword research, ad copywriting and audience targeting
  • Ad copy ideation and optimization with quality control from the strategist
  • No ad copy should be live without the Strategist’s approval
  • Physically launch paid media campaigns (after development and thorough QA with Strategist)
  • Assisting with client comms (*note that in certain cases Project Management will assist with note taking and Asana, in cases where PM is not present specialists are expected to fulfill these tasks):
  • Taking notes during appropriate calls (ABRs, project phase)
  • Populating action items in Asana and sharing with the wider group for completion
  • Supporting with Agenda Prep (what items are outstanding, which are complete)
  • Assisting with reporting data pulls, table, and chart creation
  • Strategist do the analysis/storytelling
  • Account coverage during PTO (client-facing if experience permits)
  • Proactive Communication: Effectively communicate with the Strategist team, reporting any challenges or requirements during the execution of task assignments in order to fulfill the tasks successfully:
  • Ensure you are asking context questions and for any additional details you may need to complete a task outlined to you by your Senior Strategist
  • These can include specific questions about the client itself, their industry, expectations on delivery format, etc.
  • Message team members within work hours for non-urgent asks and communications
  • Time Management: For specialists, no two weeks are the same. A successful specialist will know how to manage a high-volume workload and how to compensate for low-volume workloads. Understanding their own working style and habits helps specialists provide team members with accurate estimates for task completion. A specialist is doing well with time management if they are: 
  • Completing every task on time or recognizing early on when a task will not be able to be completed by its anticipated date and notifying the specialist
  • Giving accurate estimates for the time it takes to complete a task
  • Avoiding personal burnout by leaning into our core tenant of “Balance is our choice” by taking PTO


  • Task Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • As measured by whether completed work was presented to a client
  • Timeliness of Execution: 100%
  • CSAT scores > 4.2 for their pod