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Content / SEO Director

Directive Consulting is the performance marketing agency for SaaS and Tech companies. We use Customer Generation (a marketing methodology developed by us) which focuses on SQLs and Customers instead of traditional metrics like MQLs. We offer Paid Media, SEO, Performance Creative, and Video to our clients by creating comprehensive digital marketing strategies that allow our clients to hit their SQL targets, every time.

The Content / SEO Director is a pivotal leadership role responsible for spearheading one of the agency’s key operational divisions, driving client growth and retention, innovating products, nurturing team development, and demonstrating thought leadership.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Team Stewardship: Directors are directly responsible for building department culture and motivating their team of Associate Directors to exceed client goals, deliver an exceptional client experience, and develop and grow their teams and partnerships.
  • Product Evolution and Content Marketing Expansion: Drive cutting edge solutions and a culture centered around innovation by staying ahead of industry trends and strategies. SEO is changing; this leader should have a clear POV into how Content Marketing and SEO complement one another and lead our current business unit into the future. This includes expansion into SGE solutions for organic visibility and other AI-integrations in both the product and delivery. (When trends in the market, across several current clients or our sales process we must ensure we are not simply sitting on this information but that we’re evaluating our offering and our internal skill sets to provide the evolved offering to meet our client’s goals and needs. Examples include: Our sales teams reports that they’ve received 0 inquiries for technical SEO however on the last 8 out of 10 calls prospects have been asking for written content support we must ensure that we are pivoting our offering to meet these requests We’re seeing trends internally regarding search channels, not being able to drive the lead volume they used to, we must ensure we are driving strategies and offerings around my dynamic paid channels such as Programmatic that don’t have definition behind them yet.)
  • Operational Excellence: Ability to design new processes and improve service delivery. Examples include SLAs for managing freelance writer network, reporting delivery etc.
  • Strategic Excellence: Never settle for the status quo. Directors are responsible for improving and approving strategic roadmaps at the beginning of the relationship via project phase, as well as during quarterly and annual reviews and strategy optimizations points (as discussed in 1×1’s), across our partnerships that result in clients exceeding their goals and becoming long term referral partners. – For further clarification, strategy optimization points include not only ABRs and QBRs, but also moments when our current strategy is not hitting our NSMs. This would by definition call for a change in strategy in order to achieve our goals.
  • Business Expansion: Directors act as a pivotal role in pitching new business by supporting sales during the proposal phase and expanding existing partnerships through technical and strategic expertise.
  • P&L: As the CEO of your department, Directors must oversee department budget, including software + staffing and resource requirements to maintain healthy gross margins, utilization rates, and MRR per consultant.


  • Contract Renewal Rate: 65%
  • Achieving Gross Margin Targets: 55%
  • Proposals held goals for new business and portfolio growth

What you Offer:

  • Extensive Experience: 8-10 years of proven success in leading Content or SEO departments
  • Agency Experience: Have worked with Enterprise clients in an agency setting
  • Innovative Mindset: Ability to drive cutting-edge solutions and foster a culture of innovation, staying ahead of the curve in SEO and content marketing integration. Must have a strong POV on SGE, AI and other innovations in the space
  • Strategic Vision: Proven track record of developing and executing strategic roadmaps that exceed client goals and drive long-term partnerships, with a keen eye for market trends and client needs
  • Business Acumen: Experience in supporting sales efforts, pitching new business, and expanding existing partnerships
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership capabilities, including team-building, motivation, and mentorship to cultivate a high-performing department culture
  • Analytical Proficiency: Proficiency in analyzing data to inform decision-making, drive strategy optimizations, and ensure continuous improvement in client performance.
  • Financial Management: Demonstrated ability to oversee department budgets, manage resources effectively, and maintain healthy gross margins and profitability
  • Client-Centric Focus: Commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences, exceeding contract renewal rates, and driving portfolio growth through client satisfaction and referrals
  • Adaptability and Agility: Ability to pivot strategies and offerings based on market trends, client feedback, and internal insights to meet evolving client needs and maximize business opportunities
  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate complex concepts and strategies to clients, team members, and stakeholders.