Social Media Executive Job Description

Learn all the necessary information and specifications to include in your Social Media Executive recruitment literature.

happy social media executive working on new content to be posted on social media

Social Media Executives oversee all content publication across brand social media platforms, from approving and circulating campaign content to monitoring social media deliverables and reporting, designing new strategies for social media engagement, and keeping abreast of brand positioning and perceptions via social media tracking.

Social Media Executive Job Description Template

We invite candidates to apply for our Social Media Executive role who have the ability to engage with diverse customer groups through brand social media channels, balancing humor, professionalism, and personality. This role is multifaceted, from approving content creation to developing strategic narratives, analyzing response rates, and informing future posting schedules.

The right Social Media Executive will have a keen understanding of dialogues, interaction, and brand perceptions, be able to assess the right level of posting frequency to capture excitement and engagement and have an outstanding knowledge of how social media marketing can be leveraged to enhance overall brand awareness objectives.

Social Media Executive Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and contribute to content creation that is tailored to brand audience demographics, comprising memorable, funny, engaging, and provoking content to stimulate audience reactions.
  • Collaborate with content designers, videographers, and other creative personnel to design posts and sequences that are engaging and on-brand.
  • Optimize all social media content aligned with brand requirements and formatting, scheduling content for appropriate release times to capture maximum traffic.
  • Monitor and report back to marketing leadership on campaign effectiveness, trends, and the potential to leverage new or emerging social media platforms not yet included in marketing activities.
  • Remain current with all major changes to social media platforms, content creation guidelines, and demographics.
  • Analyze and assess how posts and publications have resonated, using insights to update and inform ongoing content creation.
  • Supervise a team of social media personnel, organizing training, supervision, and mentoring as necessary.

 Social Media Executive Requirements and Skills:

  • A degree-level qualification in journalism, creative publishing, marketing, communications, or another relevant area.
  • Previous experience working in a senior role within a social media setting and a firm knowledge of all major and emerging social media platforms.
  • A comprehensive understanding of software such as Hootsuite or similar tools and applications in the social media marketing environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of paid social media marketing campaigns.
  • Ideally, content writing experience with the ability to create engaging, authoritative, and persuasive posts that convert.