Social Media Copywriter Job Description

Understand how to attract suitable applicants to your Social Media Copywriter vacancy with our detailed responsibilities and duties list for your recruitment posts.

social media copywriter creating content for social media

Social Media Copywriters are responsible for creating copy and content across brand social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other relevant platforms.

The position requires an understanding of brand content guidelines and best practices, leveraging captions and paid advertising to generate responses and engagement. Depending on the scope of the role, Social Media Copywriters may also be tasked with tracking metrics and measuring whether content has achieved expected outcomes.

Social Media Copywriter Job Description Template

We are expanding our social media marketing team and are looking for exceptional Social Media Copywriters with proven expertise in creating captions, advertising content, and short-form snippets to accompany posts, videos, and visual posts. The appointed candidate will network with clients, optimize all content, and manage posts while reporting on social media responses.

Our ideal applicant will have a strong understanding of social media marketing and a keen eye for detail while contributing to social media strategy and collaborating with web content creation teams and sales managers to ensure copy matches brand objectives, styling, and tone.

Social Media Copywriter Responsibilities:

  • Write content and copy for all social media posts and promotions, adapting formatting, word counts, and characters to the appropriate channel, including hashtags, product links, partner mentions, and location tags.
  • Help to select imagery and visual or video content from brand data banks to support copy or highlight messaging.
  • Contribute to social media promotions and marketing campaigns, raising awareness, followers, and engagement rates.
  • Track and monitor social media feedback and responses, including click-throughs, likes, follows, and other customer behaviors.
  • Improve and edit existing social media copy based on best practice principles, social media platform requirements, and visitor response rates.
  • Adjust writing styles across each channel depending on the core demographic or target readership.
  • Convert promotional concepts into short-form style copy.

Social Media Copywriter Requirements and Skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in English, marketing, communications, or similar.
  • At least three years of experience working in a role related to social media copywriting, content creation, or marketing.
  • Strong knowledge of all major social media platforms.
  • A good understanding of analytics tools, keyword optimization, and SEO.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work as part of a dynamic team alongside managing independent projects.
  • An understanding of how to create consistent messaging, brand tone of voice, and styling to match images and videos with social media copy.