Social Media Coordinator Job Description

Create an informative, detailed job description for your Social Media Coordinator vacancy to attract high-quality, experienced candidates.

social media coordinator creating social media posts

Social media coordinators are responsible for managing all social media channels, communications, consumer interactions, and paid advertising, controlling brand awareness, engagement, and reviews while handling paid promotional budgets and returns.

Social Media Coordinator Job Description Template

Our brand is looking for talented, enthusiastic candidates with a passion for social media to join our digital marketing team, taking over responsibility for all aspects of our social media content creation and outreach promotions.

The appointed candidate will coordinate all social media platforms, ensuring that content is produced and published on schedule and monitoring analytics, click-throughs, and advertising spend.

We are seeking an experienced applicant who has extensive knowledge of all the major social media channels, with excellent communication abilities, time management, and delegation skills, while remaining up to date with trends, consumer appetites, and platform demographics.

Social Media Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Liaise with key clients and partners to analyze requirements and ensure all social media promotions and activities align with the brand vision, USP, and audience.
  • Collaborate with the broader social media and digital marketing teams, creating campaigns and posts that are optimized for visibility and consistent with other promotional events, launches, seasonal releases, and product campaigns.
  • Manage all social media content production, including delegation to writers, graphic designers, and visual content managers to bring each asset together to produce high-quality content.
  • Monitor all campaign performances across social media channels, identifying where changing audience trends or consumer appetites require adjustments to social media advertising strategies.
  • Ensure advertising spending is within budget, meets organizational objectives, and achieves an acceptable return on investment.

 Social Media Coordinator Requirements and Skills:

  • Proven knowledge of all the major social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and smaller but important platforms attracting new audience demographics.
  • Excellent understanding of analytical tools and key metrics such as engagement, review ratings, impressions, click-throughs, and lead generation.
  • Good ability to communicate with varied colleagues and managers throughout the digital marketing team.
  • The capability to multitask, managing different campaigns on each social media channel depending on posting requirements, best practice guidelines, content formatting, and standards for paid promotional content.
  • Ideally, a degree in marketing, communications, or a similar field.
  • Previous experience in a social media-based role or a marketing position.