Social Media Analyst Job Description

Create a detailed, clear, professional job description for your Social Media Analyst recruitment process.

social media analyst analysing social media content and audience reach statistics

Social Media Analysts manage the metrics and outcomes behind every social media campaign, assessing performance, results, improvements, return on investment, and spending per lead generated, sale secured, or inquiry received.

Analysts perform a technical, data-based role but must have good communication skills to interpret, compare and explain results, using insights to inform future campaigns and promotions to optimize outcomes and improve ongoing campaigns based on follower responses and engagements.

Social Media Analyst Job Description Template

We are excited to be recruiting a skilled, knowledgeable applicant to join our digital marketing and social media teams to help enhance and expand our reach through our social media channels by analyzing performance and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.

The right applicant will have an outstanding knowledge of the importance of data-driven decision-making and will be able to digest, analyze and report back on metrics based on past and current campaign performance.

Our selected candidate will report to both clients and the directors to provide recommendations and reporting on campaign outcomes, with a proven capability to utilize social media tools and trend analytics and forecasting software, with the ability to provide feedback that is constructive and well received.

Social Media Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Analyze the performance of all social media activity, including paid promotions, organic content reach, and general recurring posts.
  • Identify social media content that has not performed as expected and evaluate the reasons with suggestions for future improvements.
  • Liaise with the social media management team to discuss results and provide constructive, professional feedback to support content creation teams.
  • Observe and track engagement, and provide comparative analyses against campaigns, time periods, and promotional advertising.
  • Research and remain on track with new social media platforms, tools, analytics, events, trends, consumer appetites, and the ways consumers engage with brands via social media.

Social Media Analyst Requirements and Skills:

  • Experience working in a professional social media capacity as an analyst, assistant, content designer, or paid social media advertising executive.
  • Outstanding analytical skills, using varied tools, mapping, and software to define campaign or post outcomes and interpret data into useful information.
  • Excellent communication abilities, with the capacity to deliver feedback and constructive criticism professionally.
  • Good knowledge of all major social media channels, posting options, SEO best practices, and audience demographics.