SEO Manager Job Description

This template will help you understand the skills, experience, qualifications, and characteristics you should prioritize when recruiting a new SEO Manager.

seo manager planning new search engine ranking ideas for website search optimization

An SEO Manager like a SEO Specialist is a middle-tier manager who oversees the work of a digital marketing team or collaborates with other colleagues to improve SEO best practice adherence and identify opportunities to incorporate high-volume keywords to enhance brand positioning on search engine results pages.

SEO Manager Job Description Template

We are recruiting for a talented, experienced, and highly analytical manager to join our digital marketing team as an SEO Manager. The role focuses on complete management of the SEO functions within our sales and marketing teams and working with other colleagues to introduce and implement SEO best practices.

The selected candidate will have expertise in content monitoring and analytics, keyword research, and ensuring that digital content is updated or reconfigured as required to meet performance targets.

Our preferred applicants will have prior experience in an SEO management or SEO specialist role, have proven experience in using trending keywords to achieve results, and be able to present examples of quality content produced for both website and social media publications.

SEO Manager Responsibilities:

  • Conducting thorough, ongoing research into trending, high-volume, and niche keywords and search term phrases and introducing appropriate anchor texts and featured keywords throughout branded content.
  • Creating outstanding content with full SEO optimization to take advantage of trends, gaps in the current SEO provision or to meet SEO strategic targets.
  • Providing analysis and insights into existing SEO metrics and recommending actions to improve performance.
  • Competition analysis, recognizing competing trends or keyword bidding tactics, and gauging where opportunities exist to expand market share.
  • Working alongside social media, sales, and digital marketing teams to ensure all content across all channels is correctly SEO optimized and refreshed as necessary.

SEO Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • An in-depth knowledge of analytical software and tools used throughout SEO practices to report, evaluate and implement SEO-based improvements to digital content.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills and experience working independently or in partnership with marketing colleagues.
  • Management experience or previous roles in a management position involving oversight of the work of other team members.
  • A good knowledge of programming tools such as HTML and CSS, with the ability to update and optimize legacy, evergreen, and current digital content.
  • A commitment to remaining up to speed with industry trends and developments, applying this knowledge to SEO approaches and techniques to achieve optimal results.