SEO Analyst Job Description

Access all the essential requirements, skills, and job outlines to include within your SEO Analyst job post and vacancy advertising.

SEO analyst job working on an SEO audit

SEO Analysts work within digital marketing teams to help brands enhance and expand their online visibility and presence within their operating sector. The core focus of the role is to carry out in-depth research, analyze and report on web traffic, bounce rates, and other metrics, and develop strategies to achieve core deliverables and targets, with all work in line with SEO best practices and emerging techniques.

SEO Analyst Job Description Template

Our company has a new vacancy for a talented, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable SEO Analyst to help our multi-skilled marketing team achieve progress and growth across all digital channels. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in the latest digital communications and engagement approaches, with an appetite for continued progression.

We invite applicants with the capabilities to pinpoint opportunities and where optimization can improve web content reach, revise existing media assets to drive greater search visibility, and assist with content creation, link building, and other SEO activities.

SEO Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Carry out extensive keyword research across the sector, current business digital assets, and competitors, generating new suggestions for keywords to target and utilizing a range of software suites.
  • Evaluate the current performance of all web and social media channels and present suggestions for areas where improvements can be made.
  • Analyze and monitor all metrics, including search results, SERP positioning, website traffic, and visitor behaviors.
  • Participate in content creation idea sharing and brainstorming and engage in the content creation process to ensure all content is optimized correctly.
  • Identify outdated content that requires replacement, refreshing, or removal.
  • Optimize all channels for multi-user requirements, suited to desktop, mobile, and tablet accessibility.
  • Create link-building approaches and long-term strategies alongside paid campaigns.

 SEO Analyst Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to marketing.
  • Experience using software such as JavaScript and HTML, although training can be provided in other software tools.
  • Outstanding analytical skills with a keen eye for detail, an understanding of metrics and monitoring, and the ability to recognize opportunities for enhancement.
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines, both independently and as part of a creative marketing team.
  • High levels of specificity when providing guidelines for content creators and the appropriate experience to work to exact requirements.
  • Excellent knowledge of Google Analytics.
  • Ideally, previous experience in a high-level SEO Analyst role or a similar analytical position.