Product Marketing Manager Job Description

Learn how to craft a detailed Product Marketing Manager recruitment ad with our list of essential information, experience, and qualification criteria.

product marketing manager planning new product launch

Product Marketing Managers oversee all marketing activities relevant to catalogs, product categories, and specific launches, analyzing the USP and core selling points of each range or new release to build engaging, dynamic, and captivating campaigns to publicize key features and maximize market penetration and response rates.

Product Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Our digital marketing team is delighted to be recruiting a Product Marketing Manager with a good knowledge of our brand and product range to ensure every new launch, and design iteration is marketed effectively and engagingly to our customer demographics and new potential audiences.

This role involves market trend research and collaboration with design, marketing, social media, and content creation teams to contribute to successful launches and advertising promotions, with a strong knowledge of industry developments and best practice marketing approaches.

The ideal candidate will have previous expertise in a Product Marketing Manager role or product testing, marketing, advertising, or procurement and have the skills necessary to create immersive campaigns and literature.

Product Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Analyze complete product ranges and specific products to gain a precise understanding of the functionality, selling points, performance, and key features that form the basis of all marketing campaigns.
  • Research customer pain points and attitudes to identify selling aspects that appeal to existing and new demographics.
  • Liaise with the marketing team to develop strong campaigns that deliver excellent results and ROI.
  • Investigate new trends, keywords, and social media marketing campaigns to extract valuable insights to inform brand promotions.
  • Plan and monitor new launches, report on outcomes, and study metrics that indicate where campaigns could be improved.

Product Marketing Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • A degree or professional qualification in public relations, product marketing, digital marketing, media advertising, or another appropriate field.
  • Experience working in a busy marketing function in a business with a similar pace of product turnover and seasonal launches.
  • Ideally, some knowledge of copywriting, content creation, or writing for promotional activities.
  • A good knowledge of analytical software used in digital marketing applications.
  • Excellent communication skills with a personable, approachable manner.
  • Outstanding attention to detail and the ability to unpick specific product attributes that will appeal to high-opportunity audiences.