PPC Manager Job Description

Learn the core responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and requirements to create a detailed, professional PPC Manager job description for your recruitment drive.

ppc manager job description

PPC Managers, sometimes called Paid Search Specialists, are responsible for overseeing PPC campaigns, from setting and monitoring budgets, reporting on outcomes, tracking performance against targets, and recommending strategies to improve ROI.

PPC Manager Job Description Template

We are delighted to invite applications from PPC Managers looking for a diverse, hands-on role within our creative and fast-paced digital marketing team.

The ideal manager will have previous expertise in a role of similar seniority and be proactive in implementing best practice PPC techniques to achieve ROI targets and hit organizational objectives such as increasing engagement, digital traffic, and conversions.

Our PPC Manager must be fully conversant in all aspects of PPC and SEO marketing, with strengths in analytics, communication, leadership, and optimizing PPC content.

PPC Manager Responsibilities:

  • Developing effective PPC strategies to achieve quantifiable results to meet overarching organizational objectives.
  • Overseeing and managing PPC accounts on all major search platforms and researching potential opportunities on new channels.
  • Monitoring and reporting on spending vs. budget and tailoring PPC bid prices to achieve optimal returns.
  • Launching circulation-ready PPC campaigns and optimizing metrics to achieve maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Participation in keyword research activities, audience persona development, and selecting keywords based on opportunity and cost.
  • Tracking KPIs for the digital marketing team, assessing performance trends, and areas for improvement, and recognizing outstanding achievements.
  • Assisting with content creation and copywriting for PPC ads and submitting content for approval where required.
  • Facilitating senior management oversight of PPC actions with interactive dashboards and regular reporting.
  • Suggesting new campaign topics, targets, and focuses, adjusted to meet demographics and PPC options through each advertising channel.
  • Maintaining ongoing partnership relationships with PPC vendors and platforms.
  • Supporting strategies to minimize exposure to click fraud and remain up to date with trends and regulations across SEO and PPC.

PPC Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • Qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in digital media marketing or another relevant subject area.
  • Desirable qualifications: AdWords certification or other comparable PPC courses.
  • Proven skills working in a PPC management role or as a specialist within a digital marketing team.
  • Knowledge of SEO techniques and fundamental concepts within digital marketing disciplines.
  • Understanding of all major PPC platforms and analytics tools, including AdWords, Yahoo, Facebook, Tableau, Good Analytics, and WebTrends.
  • Experience in data analysis and providing performance reports.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software, particularly in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Desirable criteria: a professional understanding of XML and HTML programming.
  • Outstanding communication and leadership skills, an analytical approach to problems, strong mathematical abilities, and an inclusive, team-oriented attitude.