Online Marketing Manager Job Description

Learn how to attract talented applicants to your Online Marketing Manager vacancy and the duties, experience, and qualification requirements to include in your recruitment post.

Online Marketing Manager working on a laptop and reading notes

An Online Marketing Manager is responsible for the management and supervision of your digital marketing functions, from developing and adjusting your marketing strategies to coordinating with sales teams and social media colleagues to achieve better brand awareness, sales, and online engagement.

Online Marketing Manager Job Description Template

We are delighted to invite skilled candidates with previous marketing and management experience to apply for a role as Online Marketing Manager, tasked with overseeing all brand online marketing events and promotions.

The successful applicant will be responsible for our social media channels, competitor research, on-page and third-party content, and project-managing new launches, campaigns, and promotions, working closely with senior leadership colleagues within the sales and digital marketing departments.

Our perfect applicant will have a strong knowledge of online sales strategy, be able to conduct targeted research into trends and emerging sector demands and create effective strategies for online growth, exposure, and visibility.

Online Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Participate in strategy development, coordinating with marketing and sales managers and the directorship board.
  • Create strategic implementation plans across all company digital platforms and mediums.
  • Supervise social media activities, engagement, paid advertising, and posts.
  • Review sector-specific and customer-centric trends and behaviors to incorporate into online marketing strategies.
  • Analyze and report on online metrics, sales, traffic, and engagement, producing ongoing tracking to determine which marketing activities perform best.
  • Augment digital customer experiences and recommend solutions to improve time spent on site, click-throughs, redirects, and lead conversion.
  • Produce guides, informative materials, and communications to enhance customer perceptions and build on brand reputation.

Online Marketing Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in online marketing, customer communications, or a relevant subject.
  • Prior experience working in a management role or as a senior marketer with a knowledge of strategy implementation.
  • Comprehensive understanding of digital marketing best practices and techniques, including social media campaigns, advertising, and networking.
  • Excellent use of SEO, digital marketing, and brand monitoring tools and software.
  • First-class communication and project management capabilities, with the confidence to lead a team and manage a busy online marketing department.
  • Good knowledge of current and emerging trends within the sector and within digital marketing as a whole.