Marketing Analyst Job Description

Discover the key information, requirements, and criteria to include in your recruitment literature to attract talented, qualified Marketing Analyst applicants.

marketing analyst job description

A Marketing Analyst specializes in information collation, analysis, and interpretation to help companies and marketing teams direct their activities to meet consumer demands, appetites, and expectations, a key requirement during new product launches and service expansions or when creating new marketing strategies or campaigns.

Marketing Analyst Job Description Template

Our busy marketing team is recruiting a Marketing Analyst to provide highly specific data insights to update and inform our strategies, from competitor research, market trends, customer opinions, and brand awareness.

The right candidate will have exceptional experience in data analysis and extraction, be able to write detailed and digestible reports and work closely with senior managers to finesse marketing approaches to meet overall marketing and sales targets.

Marketing Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Collate, analyze, and report on data relevant to the brand, sector, and overall marketing activities, including competitor research.
  • Conduct data-driven research into trends, preferences, demographics, and other applicable aspects of the businesses’ marketing.
  • Produce detailed yet accessible reporting to set out key information around customer appetites, sales, the success of marketing campaigns, and broader scope consumer behavior.
  • Monitor brand engagement and interaction with specific demographics and advise on new target demographics or marketing audiences.
  • Forecast emerging trends in sales, marketing approaches, audiences, or competitor actions that will inform marketing strategy.
  • Liaise with marketing colleagues to contribute to strategy development.
  • Responsibility for deploying and recommending analytic software and tools while remaining up to speed with technological advancements.

Marketing Analyst Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as data analysis, mathematics, marketing, or statistical analysis.
  • Two years of proven experience in a marketing role, plus a working knowledge of tools such as surveys and polls, databases, and CRM programs alongside other relevant software and data analysis resources.
  • Excellent time-management, communication, research, and organizational abilities.
  • The capacity to understand, interpret and communicate a large amount of complex data in user-friendly and concise reports.
  • Good ability to use computer software, including the full suite of MS Office programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of software used for data analysis, including Google Analytics.
  • The ability to present information, reporting, or analysis outcomes to colleagues at all levels of seniority throughout the digital marketing team.