Email Marketing Manager Job Description

Identify the responsibilities, requirements, and eligibility criteria to include in your Email Marketing Manager job description and recruitment adverts.

An Email Marketing Manager is a professional marketer responsible for email campaigns, promotions, newsletters, and advertising circulated to registered users and database members. The position includes writing email marketing sequences, analyzing open and click-through rates, and overseeing all new email campaigns or promotions.

Email Marketing Manager Job Description Template

We are looking for a talented Email Marketing Manager to take over this area of our digital marketing team, with a specific focus on email marketing, strategic execution and intelligent sales copy creation to feed into overall company digital marketing objectives.

The right candidate will have strong experience in email marketing or marketing management, be comfortable liaising and coordinating their work with other colleagues and teams, and have exceptional skills in writing for sales.

Our preferred applicant will be familiar with subscription and email circulation databases and software tools and will be able to utilize templates and email formats to ensure campaigns are accessible by customers and audiences through any digital device.

Email Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and manage the email marketing requirements of each digital marketing campaign, including campaign creative, strategic targeting and design.
  • Approve all email campaigns prior to circulation, including optimization, CTAs, grammar, and messaging.
  • Create multi-version emails that are viewable on any device, with content, language, and tone targeted towards specific user demographics.
  • Produce newsletters and updates for engaged customers, differentiating between user groups to ensure lead conversion and sales are correctly managed.
  • Develop and maintain communications databases and update information to reflect the stage of the customer journey or previous responses to campaigns.
  • Report back to digital marketing managers on budgetary spending and returns achieved.

Email Marketing Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a degree in a subject relevant to communications, public relations, marketing, or commercial business management.
  • Prior experience working as an Email Marketing Manager or within another senior or management-level role based around digital marketing.
  • Proven skills in email campaign design and creation, with a good knowledge of analytical tools to assess performance, including Google Analytics.
  • Excellent project management abilities, with the capacity to produce professionally targeted emails on short notice to coordinate with other digital marketing activities.
  • Good project management skills, able to manage and supervise multiple campaigns with different strategic targets and circulate to variable recipient groups.