Digital Marketing Executive Job Description

Write a concise, clear, and tailored job description to attract the best talent to your Digital Marketing Executive vacancy, outlining all the responsibilities, tasks, and duties interested applicants will need to know.

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A Digital Marketing Executive has high-level oversight of digital marketing strategies and integration to ensure all colleagues and departments work collaboratively to achieve organizational outcomes across areas, including SEO, social media marketing, and paid online promotions.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Description Template

We invite applicants with strong expertise in the digital marketing sector to apply for our executive role. Candidates must have proven skills and knowledge with at least three years of experience in an executive or senior position with excellent team management abilities.

Our preferred applicant will be passionate and enthusiastic about the benefits of proactive, forward-focused digital marketing and understand how to create bespoke strategies to integrate across all channels and outreach activities.

Digital Marketing Executive Responsibilities:

  • Contribute towards strategy development to extend existing strategies and build new approaches to engage with targeted customer demographics.
  • Oversee all digital marketing activities on social media outlets, including paid online promotions, monitoring effectiveness against targets to increase brand awareness and positioning.
  • Implement, monitor, and update SEO programs such as image and keyword optimization, research, and creative idea sharing for website publication and content marketing.
  • Manage the preparation of email marketing and newsletters for digital publication and ensure all materials are circulated through the appropriate channels.
  • Measure and report to the senior leadership team on progress made using advanced analytics tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Provide guidance on emerging and ongoing trends within digital marketing specific to the company’s operating space.
  • Liaise and correspond with media outlets, agencies, partners, and vendors to maintain strong business relationships.

Digital Marketing Executive Requirements and Skills:

  • A strong track record of experience within an executive, managerial, or senior leadership position.
  • Outstanding communication capabilities and team management skills, including problem-solving.
  • In-depth knowledge of the digital marketing space, including regulations, best practices, trends, and analytical tools.
  • Good creative writing experience, and knowledge of information architecture with critical thinking abilities and excellent time management and delegation skills.
  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a subject or field relevant to business strategy or digital marketing.
  • Previous experience working with B2C or B2B social media ad campaigns, pay-per-click online advertising, including Google AdWords, email marketing campaigns, and SEO optimization.