Digital Marketing Director Job Description

Attract skilled directorship applicants with a comprehensive job description to set expectations and thresholds for Digital Marketing Director candidates.

digital marketing director discussing ideas with their team

Digital Marketing Directors lead colleagues and related departments as part of a senior management team and brand representative, steering decision-making, strategy, technological innovation, and developments to meet organizational objectives, digital marketing targets, and changing regulatory landscapes and consumer trends.

Digital Marketing Director Job Description Template

Our company is recruiting a highly skilled, experienced Digital Marketing Director to take on a leadership role and manage the scope of our digital marketing activities, including strategy development, long-term forecasting, team management, and performance analysis.

We are seeking applicants with enthusiasm, and a keen interest in the advancements in digital marketing platforms, analysis tools, and best practices to implement consistent and tactical direction across our channels, touchpoints, and consumer interactions, ensuring the company continues to build a more robust online presence and achieve core deliverables.

Digital Marketing Director Responsibilities:

  • Revise and update digital marketing strategies and roadmaps to achieve objectives in line with compliance requirements and best practice data management.
  • Manage all channels used for digital marketing, promotions, and customer communications, including websites, email marketing, social media channels, and third-party platforms.
  • Provide ongoing oversight and management of KPIs and ROI achieved, working with finance colleagues to prepare budgets and reports.
  • Create campaigns based on releases, launches, or seasonal activities, drawing on talent and knowledge across the digital marketing team.
  • Supervise social media account management, including paid advertising, reviews, ratings, and customer response rates.
  • Control online content, both on and off the page, monitoring SEO performance and utilizing tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Forecast changing trends in digital marketing engagement, revenue, and sales, providing proactive guidance to grow market share and brand awareness.
  • Liaise closely with other directors to develop consistent and cohesive strategies.
  • Lead digital marketing colleagues with a firm focus on setting goals, monitoring progress, and implementing efficiencies.

 Digital Marketing Director Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, marketing, or another relevant field.
  • Excellent management and communication skills, with previous experience in managing diverse teams of colleagues.
  • Proven track record in a directorship or senior leadership role.
  • Outstanding experience in strategic management, developing and implementing successful digital marketing approaches and campaigns.
  • Strong knowledge of all channels and platforms used throughout digital marketing applications, including new technologies and evolving regulations.
  • Practical expertise in SEO analysis and implementation, CRM programs, and Google Analytics.
  • A good knowledge of website design and information architecture.