Digital Marketing Consultant Job Description

Learn all the requirements, eligibility criteria, and details to include in your Digital Marketing Consultant vacancy to expedite your recruitment process.

Digital Marketing Consultant talking on a cellphone

A Digital Marketing Consultant works in an advisory and management capacity to analyze the digital marketing activities and strategy of a business and recommend the right ways to improve outcomes, implement new solutions, or upgrade digital marketing tactics to deliver enhanced results.

Digital Marketing Consultant Job Description Template

We have an exciting vacancy for a talented Digital Marketing Consultant to join our busy, enthusiastic digital marketing team. Our appointed candidate will be responsible for strategy adjustment and implementation, targeted activities, and promotions to meet key business objectives.

The right person will be able to undertake comprehensive analytics and research projects, monitor the effectiveness of current campaigns, and craft development plans to improve the visibility and ranking position of the business while identifying additional ways to augment visitor numbers, brand reputation, and market share.

Our chosen Digital Marketing Consultant will be highly experienced in project management, be comfortable overseeing multiple concurrent projects or activities, and have sufficient knowledge to inform all the aspects of our digital marketing functions.

Digital Marketing Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Review and amend digital marketing strategies as appropriate to meet the needs of the business and any time-specific requirements or launches.
  • Suggest improvements to strategic digital marketing implementation to conform to customer behaviors, trends, and expectations.
  • Maintain oversight of all digital marketing events and activities, including social media, paid advertising spends, and on-page content publications.
  • Evaluate the brand position and customer demographics to determine where changes are necessary to meet changing target customer personas.
  • Report on returns made on digital marketing investments and assess opportunities to improve returns and revenue growth.

Digital Marketing Consultant Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a degree in a subject such as digital marketing, SEO, business strategy, or commercial communications.
  • Ideally, a certification in Google AdWords and Analytics – real-world experience is also acceptable.
  • Prior expertise working within a managerial capacity within digital marketing or previous roles as a Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing software, tools, platforms, best practice guidelines, and lead generation techniques.
  • Strong ability to extract and analyze data and performance metrics to inform digital marketing activities.
  • Good project management, communication, and customer service skills, with the capacity to liaise with colleagues at all levels of the digital marketing team.