Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description

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digital marketing assistant working with their team discussing ideas

A Digital Marketing Assistant operates at a junior level within a broader digital marketing team, providing valuable assistance, administration, and services to support higher managerial or experienced colleagues with market research, data input, content creation, and social media management under the leadership of senior digital marketing team members.

Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description Template

We have a vacancy for a talented, enthusiastic, and committed Digital Marketing Assistant to join our digital marketing team and provide varied, flexible support with tasks such as administrative duties, research projects, database updates, marketing campaign drafts, and client liaison.

Our ideal Digital Marketing Assistant will be keen to advance through their career by learning through live scenarios and client campaigns, leveraging excellent communication skills, and demonstrating their ability to learn quickly, apply pre-existing knowledge, and learn from the expertise of specialists within our digital marketing functions.

Digital Marketing Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Work directly for the Digital Marketing Manager and Marketing Manager to organize projects, assign tasks and manage workload.
  • Provide general admin support across the scope of all digital marketing activities, campaigns, and research projects.
  • Conduct research activities on request and organize data and reporting information into clear sections or reports.
  • Extract baseline information or metrics from online marketing data sources to inform work on website pages and social media platforms.
  • Prepare presentations and documents for event promotions.
  • Draft content for web publication, social media channels, and other marketing media.
  • Liaise directly with clients and partners, including assistance with meeting booking schedules.

Digital Marketing Assistant Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in a field relevant to digital marketing, marketing, business administration, or another field.
  • A current understanding of digital marketing best practices and the importance of good data management.
  • Good skills in using all marketing software and MS Office packages alongside Google AdWords and CRM tools.
  • A proactive attitude to learning new technologies or data analysis skills on the job.
  • An entry-level understanding of more advanced marketing activities and digital marketing regulation.
  • A clear understanding of how offices and wider teams function, with the capacity to work independently, complete projects under instruction, or work as part of a collective.
  • The ability to multi-task across varied requirements and conform to deadlines in order of priority.