Digital Marketing Analyst Job Description

Uncover all the essential duties, eligibility criteria, and tasks with our Digital Marketing Analyst job description template.

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Digital Marketing Analysts provide a similar service to Marketing Analysts but with a precision focus on digital marketing elements, such as statistical analysis, digital marketing strategy, and the performance of campaigns against targets and objectives.

Job Description

Our busy, dynamic digital marketing team requires a Digital Marketing Analyst to provide ongoing support and informational assessments, including marketing trend identification and tracking, data analysis and reporting, informing strategy development and optimization, alongside performance evaluations.

We are looking for candidates with excellent digital skills and the ability to provide data-driven insights and advisory services to inform and update digital marketing approaches and tactical campaigns, with first-rate analytical capabilities and an excellent eye for detail coupled with a strong teamwork focus.


  • Determine the best data sources, collate data assets, and extract valuable information about web data, customer behaviors, and digital marketing activities.
  • Test and evaluate campaigns against KPIs and identify shortfalls, weaknesses, or opportunities to enhance the performance of campaigns over the long and short term.
  • Develop reports, assessments, and guidance documentation based on data analysis to drive standards and best practice adherence across digital marketing applications.
  • Provide managers and digital marketing colleagues with concise, accessible learning based on data analysis, including improvement recommendations.
  • Extract data to create visual interpretations and reports that are digestible at all seniority levels.
  • Monitor, extract, and analyze data assets providing insights into marketing trends, digital media, and campaign outcomes.
  • Liaise and report to colleagues, clients, and senior leadership teams to contribute to more robust strategies and ongoing digital marketing advancements.

Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a topic relevant to digital marketing analysis.
  • Experience using a range of advanced analytical tools and extracting information for reporting requirements from platforms such as Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Tableau.
  • An extensive knowledge of digital marketing best practices, methods, and campaign design across social media, display media, and software platforms.
  • Excellent ability to apply strategic thinking and proven proficiency in complex data analysis against specific areas of interest or investigation.
  • Knowledge of how data-driven information can inform immediate and impactful decision-making, both in a team environment and independently.
  • Outstanding skills in communication, collaboration, and interpersonal dialogues, with the aptitude to present to small and large groups with confidence.