Copywriter Job Description

Learn the right job description terminology, duties, and qualification requirements to recruit a skilled Copywriter for your business.

copywriter job description

Copywriters create professional, on-brand content to sell, convert and engage with your customers. Specialisms can include short-form strap lines, advertising content, email marketing, social media content, and longer-form copy such as blogs, articles, and whitepapers.

Copywriter Job Description Template

We are inviting applications for a skilled Copywriter role within our organization, looking for an experienced professional with a proven ability to write unique, on-brand content that converts.

The appointed Copywriter will work closely with our advertising and marketing teams to understand objectives, ensure copy ideas meet expectations, and address the requirements and aims of each piece of marketing or advertising content.

Our preferred applicants will be creative, keen to participate in brainstorming, experienced in copy development and research, and able to collaborate with colleagues to generate suitable graphics and visual formats to display the copy in the correct tone.

Candidates must have outstanding copywriting skills and the ability to adapt their style and writing structure to various projects and concepts.

Copywriter Responsibilities:

  • Writing 100% original copy and content that personifies the brand, communicates clear messaging, and attracts reader responses through clicks, purchases, conversions, or sign-ups.
  • Punctual, results-driven copy production to ensure all promotional and advertising activities have tailored content available before publication.
  • Conducting detailed research into themes, ideas, customer search terms, and demographic data to ensure copy is stylized, optimized, and adjusted to engage with target groups.
  • Creating customer personas and profiles and identifying brand guidelines and copy standards to ensure each piece of copy or content will resonate.
  • Working alongside marketing and publicity teams to respond to content requirements.
  • Participating in creative development processes.

Copywriter Requirements and Skills:

  • Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, English, or a relevant subject.
  • Proven commercial writing skills and samples of successful copywriting or content writing projects.
  • Experience writing copy specific to business branding and tone or within a defined industry or commercial sector.
  • Excellent communication skills, grasping concepts, ideas, and objectives quickly.
  • Ability to produce 100% original, fun, engaging, informative, or thought-provoking content to elicit the required response or customer action.
  • The capacity to evaluate customer needs, project objectives, and identify the right manner and style to motivate.
  • Willingness to listen, embrace feedback, and work alongside colleagues to develop ideas and produce professional copy consistent with project deadlines.