Content Marketing Manager Job Description

Discover the important skills, requirements, qualifications, and abilities to include in your Content Marketing Manager recruitment posts.

content marketing manager job description

A Content Marketing Manager is a key member of management in a digital marketing function and is tasked with driving growth, engagement, and visitors across company touchpoints, including websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

The position involves high-level responsibility for designing, editing, and distributing content with the potential to enhance responses and visibility while supervising the content creation team and measuring outputs against KPIs to report to senior leadership.

Content Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Our business has a new vacancy for a talented, driven Content Marketing Manager with excellent skills, knowledge, and expertise in a content marketing setting. We are looking for applicants with previous management experience and an analytical mindset to help us achieve improvements in engagement and produce truly valuable content for our audiences.

The right candidate will supervise and support our content creation and digital marketing analyst colleagues, with the communication capabilities to provide confident leadership while ensuring our team has a positive and inclusive work environment.

Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Manage our content marketing team, including data analysts, content writers, graphic designers, and social media managers.
  • Control activities and expenditures in line with assigned marketing budgets and measure campaign outcomes to identify successes, areas for improvement, and insightful metrics.
  • Improve traffic and engagement across brand channels and promotions, increasing sales revenue and market share.
  • Contribute to content and brand strategy development and tactical decision-making.
  • Design new creative marketing campaigns in line with promotional activities, launches, and events.
  • Ensure best practices are incorporated in all content based on SEO, information architecture, and quality content production.

Content Marketing Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in a subject relevant to marketing, business content creation, or another relevant field.
  • Strong experience creating long-term online followers and engagement, with proven skills in building bespoke communities based on audience personas and demographics.
  • Data-driven analysis skills and the ability to monitor campaigns and extract performance metrics to drive further projects.
  • Proficiency in all analytical tools used to track campaigns and content responses, including social media marketing tools and Google Analytics.
  • Excellent team management capabilities, with an open, inclusive communication style and the ability to foster growth and progression in junior team members.
  • Outstanding written, spoken, and team-based interpersonal skills.