Content Creator Job Description

Uncover the key requirements to look for in top-quality Content Creators and post your vacancy immediately with our customizable job description template.

content creator creating new content to be posted online

A Content Creator is responsible for producing original, on-brand, and targeted content to use in digital marketing campaigns, social media advertising, paid promotions, and other forms of advertising. They may be expected to produce written, graphic, or video content or may provide multiple skills and content creation abilities.

Content Creator Job Description Template

We are looking for a creative, experienced Content Creator to join our team, producing 100% original, professional, and stylized content to accompany our adverts, promotions, and brand launches, as well as for use as general business media assets for social media and website publication.

The right Content Creator will be able to generate high-quality written content, including social media snippets, promotional text, and PR content to support our brand objectives, alongside the ability to either produce graphics, edit videography content or source appropriate content to use alongside written text.

Content Creator Responsibilities:

  • Produce excellent quality written and graphic content for various uses within digital marketing, advertising, and product or service sales.
  • Create draft content for approval by sales, marketing, and management colleagues.
  • Generate graphics and original imagery, edit videography and product promotions, or liaise with third-party and freelance creators to source this content.
  • Develop content that aligns with specific objectives, target audiences, and campaigns according to specifications.
  • Write content that conforms to information architecture standards and best practices for SEO and complies with search engine content policies.
  • Produce short-form and long-form content for varied uses, including snippets for social media, longer-form content, and service page content alongside promotional content used in email campaigns.

Content Creator Requirements and Skills:

  • Previous experience producing content for professional use, and ideally, a strong portfolio of work with metrics and analysis to demonstrate how content has performed.
  • Excellent writing and/or graphic design skills – with evidence of published content used within digital marketing activities.
  • Knowledge of content management systems and the ability to create content to tight schedules and according to ad hoc requirements.
  • Superb attention to detail, with the capability to proof, edit, and fact-check all content.
  • Research skills, unpicking content styles and mediums that resonate with key customer groups.
  • Good time management, collaboration skills, and the ability to communicate with colleagues from across the digital marketing team to understand their requirements and produce content as appropriate.
  • Familiarity with SEO, search engine content guidelines, information architecture standards, and document editing.