Brand Manager Job Description

Populate your Brand Manager recruitment posts with comprehensive details outlining the duties, responsibilities, and requirements for managerial candidates.

brand manager making sure all marketing promotions and messaging align with their company's brand values

A Brand Manager supervises and manages the full scope of brand activities, from sales to marketing, public relations to reputation management, collaborating with board members and other senior leaders to make informed, beneficial decisions to support long-term brand growth.

This role involves oversight of all communication activities, including management of a portfolio of assets, control of media packs and public relations collaborations, and monitoring the company’s positioning to assess market share and brand awareness.

Brand Manager Job Description Template

A rare vacancy has arisen to join our sector-leading brand as a Brand Manager. We are looking for a professional with the knowledge, skills, and passion to take our business to the next level, boosting brand value, visibility, and communications while assisting with diverse marketing activities and events.

The ideal candidate will have an exceptional understanding of consumer trends and the market environment, have strong abilities in competitor research, and be able to develop dynamic strategies and brand management approaches.

Our selected applicant will manage, design, and implement marketing projects and initiatives based on data-backed analytics and target demographic personas, including budget management, sales forecasting, and reporting against ROI and core KPIs.

Brand Manager Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all marketing promotions and messaging align with brand values, mission statements, and company objectives.
  • Manage all advertising, promotions, and email campaigns, collaborating with teams on a senior level.
  • Assess and report on campaign successes and performance.
  • Boost sales revenues, market share, and brand positioning in a competitive sector.
  • Develop advanced strategies to capture increased market share and engage with new demographics.
  • Manage budgets, set targets, and create forecasts.
  • Analyze consumer trends, competitor behaviors, and broader sector activity.

Brand Manager Requirements and Skills:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management.
  • Ideally, a Master’s degree, also in a similar field.
  • Excellent proven expertise in developing brands, creating successful marketing strategies, and producing tangible results.
  • Outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage a busy and multi-skilled team across marketing, brand management, digital marketing, public relations, sales, and after-sales functions.
  • Superb organizational skills and the ability to focus under pressure and lead from the front, including in negotiations and communications with external partners.
  • The ability to manage complex budgets and report on spend, ROI, and achievements to the senior leadership board.
  • Full knowledge of research techniques and tools alongside business analytical functions and applications.