Artworker Job Description

Learn the core responsibilities, duties, and qualification requirements to include in an Artworker job description.

artworker creating new immersive designs, icons, and artworks to represent campaign concepts

Artworkers create commercial-quality artwork, retouch graphics or generate on-brand designs and icons to support marketing, advertising, and promotional content. Professional Artworkers can identify design issues, adapt media for different channels, and deliver powerful storytelling through an accessible medium.

Artworker Job Description Template

We are seeking applications for an Artworker vacancy, looking for an exceptional design professional to work with our marketing and advertising colleagues, creating and editing original artwork in line with promotional projects and brand specifications.

The right candidate will be experienced in producing designs across channels and platforms, e-marketing graphics, and print media, with a thorough knowledge of resizing, consistency, typography, and communicating messages via imagery.

Artworker Responsibilities:

  • Working with marketing and creative colleagues to create immersive designs, icons, and artworks to represent campaign concepts.
  • Developing on-brand commercial design assets with varying formats to be replicated across appropriate channels, social media, and print media.
  • Managing and expanding brand media libraries for use by colleagues and on varied platforms.
  • Proofing and approving all visual media before publication, including resizing and scaling where necessary.
  • Checking and verifying the quality of print proofs for external print runs.
  • Collaborating with printers and artwork designers to ensure all visual graphics are consistent with brand guidelines.
  • Adapting digital artwork files for digital print purposes, checking assets are of suitable quality, and recommending adjustments.
  • Creating, updating, and managing artwork libraries and archives, providing access to digital assets as required, and editing visuals as needed for future projects.

Artworker Requirements and Skills:

  • Experience in professional artwork creation, proofing, editing, or retouching.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of digital artwork software suites, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • A collaborative attitude and an openness to partnership working, idea sharing, and retouching or editing artworks to match campaign objectives.
  • Knowledge of 3D design, DTP software, and visual art concepts.
  • Proven ability to create unique visual assets, with visualization and retouching skills.
  • Strong time management, organizational and timekeeping skills, and the capacity to manage multiple simultaneous print graphic and artwork design projects.
  • Problem-solving approaches to repurposing and adapting graphics for varied uses.
  • Ability to listen to instructions, follow creative direction, and respond to feedback.
  • Good communication to liaise with printers, advertising managers, print media writers, and graphic design colleagues.
  • Desirable criteria: knowledge of CSS and HTML and experience working with content management systems.
  • Desirable criteria: experience in commercial photography.

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