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HQ: New York, NY
HQ: New York, NY

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We believe that therapy is an essential part of becoming the best versions of ourselves. No matter who you are or where you are starting, it’s more than support through challenge – it’s the foundation to grow, heal and lead lives that are more resilient, empathic, hopeful and powerful.

Everyone should have the opportunity to receive personalized therapy, and therapists should be able to serve the communities they care about most, not just the 10% of people who can afford to pay out of pocket.

Our mission is to get more people into therapy by bridging the gap between therapists and people seeking mental health care.

Grow Therapy empowers independent therapists to launch and grow thriving in-network private practices by enabling them to tap into large scale credentialing, referrals, administrative and community support enabled by our passionate team and technology. When therapists no longer have the hassle of mundane admin tasks like billing and insurance claims or the limitations of out-of-pocket-only payment options, they can provide care to the communities who need it most!

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