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HQ: London
HQ: London


We help companies with their biggest challenges – market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries. And we help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems.

Economics is (nearly) everywhere and the economist’s toolkit is large. Clients are surprised at the breadth of our work. Not just the costs of supply, movements in demand, pricing and competitive dynamics. But we are also experts in finance, statistical modelling, game theory, market research and even the psychological side of economics. And we’ve worked in almost every sector imaginable, from fertilisers and oil rigs to handbags and iPads.

In some sectors, economics is so critical that we’ve also built specialist knowledge. Our powerful tools and sector knowledge are valuable. But we try not to stop there. Making an impact for clients means understanding the issues, whether it’s the commercial reality of the business; what is really driving customer behaviour; or the political context. We are also aware that our clients want clear and simple advice, from people they trust. So we place a lot of emphasis on our communications, and on human relationships. We provide complex analysis but plain language – English, German, French or Spanish.

Our reports are often used in legal proceedings and so our evidential standards are high. We never “write to order”. Our work is respected because we are independent and obsessive about the truth.

We work with clients all over the world and have offices in Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Dublin, Madrid, London and Paris. Our sister company in Australia works from Sydney and Melbourne.

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