How to Nail That Digital Marketing Interview: Our Top Tips

Landing that dream digital marketing job is not easy. There’s always plenty of competition for these posts and setting yourself apart from the rest of the candidates requires a lot of hard work. It’s a bit like going on Britain’s Got Talent for marketers or the point of the film Highlander – there can be only one!

digital marketing interview

If you want to nail down your dream job, there are some things you can do to tilt things more in your favour during your digital marketing interview.


Here are our top tips for your digital marketing interview

1. Start With Your CV

It might seem a little odd to go back to the CV but this is usually the framework for deciding what is discussed at your digital marketing interview in the first place. Of course, it shows what you’ve achieved, who you’ve worked with and what qualifications you have. But it should also be a snap shot of you as an individual and your personality.

Many digital marketing candidates make the mistake of throwing out the same old CV for each job they apply for. This is inevitably a mistake because it doesn’t leverage the full power of that, initial communication. You should always, always tailor your CV to the digital marketing job you are applying for.

To do this, read the job specs closely and compare these to your CV. Look at ways to tweak and change what you have to better meet the requirements of the selection panel. That could mean changing your list of achievements slightly so that they are more inline with what the job is asking of you. You might also swap certain bullet points around to make them more prominent.


2. Don’t Forget the Basics

Of course, digital marketing interviews have a lot in common with other interviews in other sectors. There are basics that you need to tick off, including turning up on time and being smartly dressed for the occasion.

Body language is always important and you should avoid slouching or curtail any mannerisms that send the wrong message. Yes, digital marketing interviews can often be a little less formal but that doesn’t mean you should relax too much and ignore the norms. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


3. Do Your Homework

Do you really want to land this job opportunity? If you do, it’s time to undertake some serious research. You need to find out all you can about the company you’re being interviewed by and the people who work for it.

Fortunately, that’s a lot easier nowadays with all the information available online. Find out what they are saying on social media, whether there are any videos on YouTube, look at LinkedIn profiles for staff pages and check news feeds for recent stories.

A lot will depend on the sector or industry as to where you search. For instance, if your digital marketing interview is for a tech company then reviewing sites like TechCrunch and The Next Web is a good idea. Don’t just rely on your current knowledge, build a base of information that will assist you during the interview.

In essence, get to know everything the company does, what their products are and how they brand and present themselves to the world. And drill down as deep as possible. All this combined, says to the interview panel that you are serious about the job and really want it.


4. Declutter Your Online World

We all know that social media and our online presence is increasingly important when it comes to job opportunities. Nearly half of businesses say they are likely to check Twitter and Facebook feeds if they are interviewing someone.

That digital marketing job could hang on an injudicious tweet or post you made a couple of years ago and have forgotten about.

Some employers will check your timelines after they receive an application, others will leave it until that first digital marketing interview. Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to go through all your online content and check there’s nothing that will work against you. That includes doing a search on Google.

  • Check you privacy settings if you want to keep communications with friends on Facebook hidden.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and add in anything that can help you during interview.
  • Cut out anything that is likely to make you look less than reliable.

This is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway but is particularly important ahead of any digital marketing job application.


5. Practice Makes Perfect

With all the work you do to prepare for your interview, there is always the chance that you will find yourself tripped up by a difficult or unexpected question. In truth, most interviews tend to follow a certain format, covering similar areas. There are standard questions that tend to be asked in digital marketing interviews and having answers prepared for these obviously makes sense.

But you also need to practice handling those difficult or unexpected questions so that you come across as calm under pressure and knowledgeable about your industry. Try to get as much interview practice with a friend or colleague beforehand so that you are fully prepared. The last thing you want is to be thrown by an unusual question and fluff your lines.


6. Make the Most of Your Experience

Got a marketing degree or diploma? That’s all very well but most employers nowadays are much more focused on experience. They’re going to want to explore this during your digital marketing interview. What you need at the back of your mind is how to get this across at every opportunity.

That means finding examples from your own work experience when you answer any question. Don’t just mention it in passing, either. Get as much meat on the bones as you can, including the stats and data associated with any marketing campaign you have been involved with and how you contributed.

No interview is easy but preparing yourself well not only arms you with the right information but instils confidence as well. If you really want that digital marketing job, you need to apply yourself methodically and do everything you can to ensure success.


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