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Is there anything more important than your cover letter and CV when it comes to landing an interview? Maybe not. Your qualifications are critical, of course, but your CV can mitigate problems in that field if it’s done correctly. So to help you kickstart your Digital Marketing career , we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to set yourself up for the perfect digital marketing CV, taking tips from professionals across the...
Your CV is normally the first thing a potential new employer sees. It’s an introduction to who you are, what qualifications and work experience you have and why someone should employ you. It is essentially a sales document and is generally in competition with a whole bunch of other CVs. The big question is how you stand out from the crowd and avoid the rejection pile, getting from this brief introduction to the interview phase....
Many inexperienced job applicants spend an inordinate amount of time working on their CVs to perfect them. But when it comes to sending a cover letter, they just knock one out as fast as possible and hit the ‘send’ button. Unsurprisingly, few of these applicants will be successful.    The trouble is, the cover letter is one of the most important aspects of your job application. In reality, many CVs are incredibly...
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