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10 Entrepreneur Personality Traits & Characteristics to be Successful

Traits and characteristics that you must possess and develop in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

By DMJ Team

When we talk about entrepreneurs and hear their success stories, the first question that comes to mind is – are entrepreneurs born with specific skills or do they develop those traits over time?

There are some skills or traits that might be naturally present. However, the majority can be learned and should be developed through practice over time.

Many factors contribute to the success of an entrepreneur in launching, operating day-to-day activities, and scaling the business.

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 traits and characteristics that you must possess and develop in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Personality Traits & Characteristics


Starting a business is not something you are taught since childhood, and you may not have seen many people in your family doing it. Hence, starting a business does not come easy. Entrepreneurship is different from a regular 9 to 5 job. Being an entrepreneur, you have to take accountability for everything. Self-discipline is important to have as it helps you manage the urge to procrastinate and take action when needed.


If you are not passionate about what you are doing or you plan to do, success is hard to come. During the entrepreneurship journey, situations will come when things won’t go as you want them to go. If you are not passionate, you may think about leaving the business at some point.

To become passionate – you must focus more on the meaning of the work you are doing. You need to bring in a system that will continuously remind you of the reason for starting the journey. Passion will keep you focused on your objective and make your stay committed all the time.


There is no replacement for knowledge. You should have every detail about the product or service you offer to your customers. Your understanding should be better than anyone else in the world. You should be very clear with what you are offering, to whom you are offering, and why are you offering? It will help you create the right product, reach the correct set of people, and create perfect marketing plans. Also, keep yourself updated with changing customers’ needs and demands and regularly take customer feedback to improve on what is being offered.

get the creativity flowing


When we hear of this word, mostly, we think of artists, filmmakers, etc. However, it is an essential trait for the entrepreneur as well. Creativity is not just about the look and feel of your product or brand. It is about the ability to creatively solve problems, come up with ideas that help you face (and solve) everyday business problems. You should be creative enough to scale your business not like a common man, but like an entrepreneur – with creativity.

Risk Management

Risks are inevitable in business, and you will face hundreds of them in the journey. The trait every entrepreneur has is the ability to take risks. You should not be afraid of taking risks. Even if you are starting, you should work to overcome it.

The best way to do this is to consider your journey as a learning process and acknowledge that you will face both success and failure along the way. The next important characteristic of an entrepreneur is the ability to manage risk. You should have the skills to face risks, and also the ability to reduce the damage it brings.

Process Oriented

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to be process-oriented. Be it your sales, hiring new team members, or product development, having a process for everything makes the life of entrepreneurs easy and lets them focus on growing the business.

With a process in place, you can work smarter. Initially, it may seem like a lot of effort, but once the process is created, it will save a lot of your time and every team member who follows the process. Eventually, everyone will be focused on growing the business.


When you are running a large business managing a big team or working directly with customers, you need to have this trait – the ability to connect with everyone around you. Entrepreneurs have the ability to put themselves in others’ shoes while making key business decisions.

In business, empathy is about anticipating what your customers expect from you. Also, it is about knowing when your team needs a break to rejuvenate. If you can know what others are expecting from you and your business, you are a step closer to being successful.

Easy-going attitude

As mentioned above, there would be a lot of challenges in the entrepreneurship journey. There will be a lot of changes in the plans. You may have to do certain things over and over again. Successful entrepreneurs don’t get bothered or irritated in such situations.

If you read about entrepreneurs, you will know many of them mentioning the current business they are running is completely different from what they initially thought of. You should have an easy-going attitude, meaning you should go with the flow. Have an open mindset and take new opportunities as they come your way. Develop the ability to take any situation that comes your way and make it to your advantage.

Money Management

If you want to be a successful businessman, you need to have this trait early on in life. You should have the ability to understand the current financial situation and the impact of your decisions on the future financial situation.

Start by practicing it for your personal money – you should understand how the money is coming and how it is getting spent. Once you have learned money management at an individual level, you can scale it up for your business. Obviously, it is different but you know the basics. In your business, when you prepare a budget if you are new, consulting an expert is something you should consider. You can learn from them and master the trait along the way.


Last on the list but equally important as any other trait on the list. You should have the ability to make connections and learn how to make use of those connections. Whenever you make a new connection, you open a door of new knowledge or a resource for yourself.

You should learn from the others in your network – from their success and failures. Don’t create new relationships just for networking sake. Strive to build genuine relationships with potential clients and professionals in your work area.

Ending Note

These are the traits every entrepreneur should have to accomplish success in the business. Even if you are new to the game, you can master these traits and become successful – these are not difficult to have. Adopting these in your personality may take time, but continue mastering them and in the long run, they are surely going to benefit you.

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