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Top 7 Ways of Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

How to create an effective nonprofit digital marketing strategy

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digital marketing for nonprofits

Digital marketing for nonprofits is the tactics used to attract the relevant audience. They are the approaches taken to attract donors and volunteers and to manage fund drives.

Effective digital marketing for nonprofits will drive engagement for an organization’s cause. It will also help to boost brand awareness. Remember that potential donors are already on different online platforms. Thus, it’s upon you to meet them where they are with an impactful and well-designed strategy.

There are several online platforms that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy. Each one of the platforms appeals to different segments of the population.

That’s why you need to come up with a nonprofit marketing plan that will best deliver your message. Create a nonprofit marketing plan that will minimize the potential of each platform.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Creating an effective nonprofit marketing strategy is the best way to engage donors. Here are 7 ways that you can use to boost your digital marketing for nonprofits.

1.   Donation Pages

A nonprofit organization’s donation pages must be clear and to the point. Remember that no one has the time to go through paragraphs of information to find what they need. That’s why you must make it easy for them to donate online.

Your donation page should also have a recurring donation option. This is for the people who prefer to commit smaller amounts every month. These donors will most likely not notice the extra $5 or $10 out of their budget in their monthly donations. But over time, your nonprofit organization will.

Here are the reasons why your nonprofit organization needs monthly recurring donations:

  • It increases revenue
  • It increases donor retention
  • It minimizes operational costs
  • It’s convenient for donors
  • It helps to build better relationships with loyal donors

2.   Understand Your Audience

Digital marketing is different compared to the other types of marketing. That’s because it allows you to target different audiences. Your audience may include constituents, volunteers, donors, and clients.

You must define and understand each of your audiences. That’s because your nonprofit digital marketing plan will differ based on who you’re addressing. For instance, an email targeting donors will have a different message compared to the one calling for volunteers.

Using customer relationship management software to segment audiences is the best way to organize them. Separating your contacts with tags and lists makes it easy to send targeted messages.

3.   Get the Organization Listed on Nonprofit Directories

For some reason, not every donation goes to its intended target. Some nonprofit organizations spend a lot of money on staff and administrative duties. It’s also unfortunate that other nonprofits are fronts for con artists. They take advantage of generous people willing to help the needy in the society

Your organization may be genuine. But you have to ensure that donors know that before they give. One of the best ways to assure them is to get listed in a nonprofit directory. Sites like Charity navigator have enabled people to contribute to worthy causes.

A listing in online directories assures donors of your 501(c)3 status. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of your programs and your ability to spend wisely. Donors can only trust you with their giving if they feel right about your organization.

4.   Well Crafted Key Messages

Your key messages should contain the information you’d like your audiences to hear and share. Crafting messages before employing your nonprofit marketing is important for the following reasons:

  • The messages will keep your nonprofit aligned. It ensures that no matter who’s doing the online marketing, the same message will be promoted.
  • Key messages ensure that your marketing is clear and to the point. Creating the message ahead of time ensures that you’re aware of what to say in your marketing messaging.
  • Key messages ensure that you organize the various audiences. Developing messages for various audiences ensures that you’re targeting the right group.

When crafting the key messages, you’ll notice that they have the same purpose and undertone. But they slightly differ based on the particular audience you’re targeting. The messages together with your vision and mission will help you communicate effectively. Also, you’ll be able to correctly market the organization‘s needs and purpose.

content marketing

5.   Put Out More Content

The more content marketing is done, the more you’ll be seen as an organization that has something to say. This means that you need to create informative articles more often. Demonstrating that you know what you’re doing is a great source of information for target groups.

It will help you get donors who are interested in your cause and they’ll come forward to support your cause. Note that the quality of your content is important.

Thus, you must ensure your copy is incisive and professionally edited. Be sure to include some images that highlight the organization’s activities. The images should show the people and places in which you’re making a positive impact.

Remember that your goal is to tell the story of the good your organization is doing in society. Telling the story will make other people want to be part of your cause.

6.   Analyze the Nonprofit Organization’s Marketing Preferences

Your digital marketing strategy may not perform from the get-go, which is okay. Carrying out routine reporting and analyzing will help you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Make sure you pay attention to the measurable performance indicators. This should happen when choosing and establishing your marketing channels. The performance indicators can be tracked using digital tools like Google Analytics.

Understanding what to measure before you start marketing will help you know what to look for. You’ll also figure out how to determine the impact of your nonprofit marketing campaign.

7.   Two-Way Social Marketing Campaigns

Sure, social marketing’s main objective isn’t commercial. Certain actions can lead to the dissemination of specific ideas and behavior change. It will also enable you to get leads from potential donors and volunteers.

Interactive nonprofit marketing campaigns play an important role in establishing relationships with audiences. You can encourage two-way marketing campaigns in the following ways:

  • Through opinion surveys. The use of a survey or a questionnaire enables you to understand your supporters. You’ll get to know their likes and dislikes, then adjust your content and strategies.
  • Trivia and quizzes. Take advantage of the pull of personality and knowledge tests to raise awareness about a certain issue in your operations. For instance, “what do you know about the blue economy?” “Truths or myths about the blue economy.”


Knowing the ways of digital marketing for nonprofits boosts your chances of getting donors. They will be receptive to hearing about your recent activities and successes. Acknowledging their support will make them share your content via social media. It will also make them remember your nonprofit the next time you need a donation.

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