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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

Uncover the top blogs from the best digital marketing experts you need to sign up for to stay ahead of industry trends.

Google ‘digital marketing blogs’ or even ‘digital marketing expert blog,’ and you’ll come across thousands of listings. However, professional blogs are far from created equal. While some are a waste of time, others provide incredibly valuable insights and guidance that can greatly impact your success as a digital marketer.

With so many blogs, resources, and information hubs to choose between, it can be tricky for aspiring digital marketers to identify those that offer real benefits. Our short list of the top 25 is a snapshot of the best digital marketing blogs you should absolutely follow – giving you an edge whether you’re keen to progress and stay ahead of emerging trends or want to be the first to know when a search engine algorithm is updated.

Our list below of the 25 highest-rated digital marketing blogs is sorted into alphabetical order, so we’d suggest having a read of our summaries and choosing as many as you’d like to keep your inbox up to speed and crammed with useful information.

1. Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy's blog

Let’s start with Adam Enfroy, a trusted expert who demonstrated his digital marketing skills by growing his blog from zero to over half a million subscribers and a tidy revenue of about $90,000 a month in (wait for it) – two years.

He offers courses called the Blog Growth Engine to show others how to achieve the same success, with the program now in its fourth edition. There are tons of how-to guides covering topics like how to monetize a blog, how to make money through affiliate programs, and how to get started.

There’s also a free masterclass you can subscribe to, but the blog itself remains well worth reading, with regular articles that share ideas, strategies, processes, and tips.

Best for: Those new to blogging or looking to make money through a professional blog site. Alternatively, the guides are useful for any digital marketer wanting to get to grips with affiliate and social media marketing.

2. The Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is a well-known name behind the SEO tool and supporting blog, which includes all sorts of content, such as deep dives into certain SEO-related tasks, analyses of varying techniques and marketing opportunities, and detailed guides around other relevant subjects.

You can get stuck in with a free blogging course that promises to get you to over 100,000 followers and download other comprehensive and free guides that break down more complex digital marketing topics into digestible chunks.

Blog subscribers don’t need to be Ahrefs users, and if you’re interested in case studies to provide real-world examples of what you can achieve with some intelligent SEO, this is a perfect resource.

Best for: Digital marketers needing to upgrade their knowledge and use of SEO or looking for expert guidance and insights into blending SEO into a broader digital marketing strategy.

3. Backlinko

Backlinko blog

Our next featured blog was founded by Brian Dean, widely recognized as one of the most established experts in the world of SEO. Dean publishes content and videos across YouTube and through his blog, which can vary from statistical analysis of SEO-backed data to actionable methodologies to follow.

He offers tips he used to increase his own blog traffic twofold in 14 days, and the tutorials are great for entry-level marketers, using diagrams and graphics to illustrate the points and make the information clear and accessible.

You’ll find new content every two or three days and can sign up for free, although you’ll need to enter your email address to be able to unlock some of the restricted access blogs.

Best for: Straightforward, insightful knowledge about how to use SEO to your advantage, grow your online presence, and understand what changes and trends mean in user-friendly terms.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo blog

BuzzSumo is primarily a content marketing platform – often rated as one of the best out there. It’s used by PR and content marketing pros and has tools to analyze content, inspire ideas, and inform best practice digital marketing techniques.

Onto the blog and it’s a fantastic resource for marketers who need to discover ways to improve the performance of their digital and social media-based content, with articles looking at various types of marketing across diverse channels.

All the blogs are submitted by either approved guest writers or the BuzzSumo team itself, and you can get a sneak peek of some of the data collated by the platform.

Best for: Insights into developing better engagement metrics and content performance alongside expert guidance on content marketing across a broad scope of platforms.

5. ClickMinded

ClickMinded blog

Aimed at those newer to digital marketing, ClickMinded offers to share tactics to help readers and businesses achieve better traffic and more sales. It’s more of a resource library than a blog, with walkthroughs, tutorials, and cheat sheets.

Most of the content is written by Tommy Griffin, who has been in the digital marketing industry for many years and has an impressive background representing brands that today are household names; think PayPal and Airbnb.

The guides include step-by-step tutorials on how to do things like excluding specific words or phrases from Google search and how to generate CTA buttons. They are worded in a way that even brand-new marketers will be able to grasp.

Best for: New digital marketers or junior marketers looking to upskill, comprehend some of the fundamental concepts and tasks within digital marketing, and understand how to transfer their skills to achieve results.

6. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute blog

The Content Marketing Institute provides a daily post covering all things content marketing, as the name suggests. It spans beginner content to strategy, developing trends such as AI and career advice for those new and experienced within the digital marketing subsector.

Readers can browse literally hundreds of articles (over 356 pages), or you can filter by topics and subject areas to whittle down your shortlist to those blogs you’d really like to read.

As well as guides and online resources, the Institute hosts varied events, seminars, and webinars, and you can usually find a discount code on the website if you’d like to attend to further your knowledge or as part of your continued professional development.

Best for: Digital marketers keen to specialize in content marketing – or anybody looking to improve their understanding and knowledge of how to make content marketing work for them.

7. CoSchedule Blog

CoSchedule Blog

CoSchedule is a great place for digital marketers. If you’re looking for ways to establish yourself in the field, you can even pitch an article and become a guest poster. However, there are thousands of submissions, and the blog won’t publish anything that has already been covered, so you’d need to be creative!

The brand itself provides content marketing calendars (the basic version is free) along with other services such as a social media message optimizer and a feature that analyzes headline text – you can also generate ideas for captions, subtitles, and text snippets for social media posts.

If you’re there just for the blog, it’s a useful place to find research data and statistics, with a big focus on analytics and how data extracted from social media marketing can inform strategy.

Best for: A range of content and blogs provided by experts in a variety of subject areas and for digital marketers looking for statistics and data to base their new ideas around.

8. Digital Marketing Institute Blog

Digital Marketing Institute Blog

With over 1,200 blogs (to date), the Digital Marketing Blog from the Institute is packed with knowledge and advice, from learning about the skills you need to pursue specific careers within digital marketing to guidance for businesses and those new to the sector.

If you’re already an established marketer, this remains a worthwhile blog to follow – you can jump to the trends section to ensure you’re on point with all the new developments.

The filters make it easy to find the topics you’re looking for, covering content marketing, e-commerce, website design, PPC, and everything in between.

Best for: Any marketer looking to learn about digital marketing from a free blog library or experienced professionals who want to refine their knowledge.

9. FounderJar’s Blog

FounderJar’s Blog

This blog is the smallest on our list in terms of visitor numbers, but it’s worth mentioning since the information shared is of high quality, sorted into categories of start, grow, and earn. Simply pick the section that is most relevant to your career stage or the lifecycle of your business and start reading.

Services available range from templates and software focused on CRM, e-commerce, website builds, and hosting, and there are a number of free tools also available – such as a keyword generator and business name ideas function.

While this blog is primarily aimed at those new to digital marketing, the reviews of software and commonly used marketing platforms are useful and cover all the big names.

Best for: Brands and marketers looking for information to help cement their baseline knowledge and use that towards a strategy for growth.

10. The Keyword by Google

The Keyword blog by Google

Google’s in-house blog is a must-follow for every digital marketer engaged in SEO and search engine rankings – so all of them! Although it isn’t solely about digital marketing, it’s an important site where marketers can learn about updates, changes, and new developments.

Some articles are more promotional and relate to events, whereas others are essential reading, explaining what new tools offer, how they work, and when they will be rolled out.

You can subscribe for free to receive email alerts about the latest news or browse through content split into categories such as Android, Chrome, and Pixel.

Best for: Everybody working in the digital marketing space who wants to be among the first to know when Google publishes changes, news, or amendments to online marketing tools.

11. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot Blog

By visitor numbers, HubSpot’s blog is the biggest out there. Certain articles, such as those forecasting marketing trends for the forthcoming year, are almost mandatory reading and draw on data from HubSpot users worldwide.

If you’re already using the HubSpot CRM, you’ll need to follow the blog for information about updates, such as newly available integrations and content management features. If not, it’s a source of guides, how-to instructional blogs, and templates, most of which are free to download.

The content is a good mixture of common interest, technical, and educational material. It is accompanied by a podcast series and videos you can watch online hosted by experts in all things digital marketing.

Best for: Digital marketers looking for low-cost resources to remain current with emerging trends or a large knowledge base to answer any and every question they might have.

12. MarTech

MarTech blog

Named by merging ‘marketing’ and ‘tech’ MarTech is owned by the same firm that runs Search Engine Land, which you’ll find further down our list. Combined, these two sites provide a mixture of information related to search, SEO, rankings indicators, and the technology available to boost your performance.

A daily newsletter is circulated via email, and the quick intro above each blog gives you a good insight into whether it’s relevant. As well as the blog, you can sign up to attend webinars or download intelligence reports.

The language is chatty and accessible, such as the white paper published about ‘ads that don’t suck,’ and the scope is broad, covering tech solutions, checklists, big news stories, and advance previews of launches.

Best for: Marketing managers and consultants working within marketing technology or looking for independent guidance about the tech solutions most aligned with their objectives.

13. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog

Moz is an authority in SEO, so if you’re looking for blog posts that can inform your understanding and comprehension of SEO strategy and how this builds into your work, this is the place for you.

It has all sorts of articles that cover from beginner to more advanced levels, including blogs around branding, web design, email marketing, analytics, SEO tracking, and performance and link building – it’s a one-stop shop.

Created by the former CEO of Moz, Rand Rishkin, the blog became famous for specific articles that attracted millions of visitors, accompanied by video tutorials called Whiteboard Friday posts.

Best for: Marketers at all stages interested in learning about various types of content and how to ensure they work well for SEO.

14. Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

Another digital marketing heavy hitter, Neil Patel is probably the best-known marketing expert in the world, sharing informative and useful content that many consider the final word. Originally called the Kissmetrics blog, Patel’s site draws on years of expertise.

Content posted is drawn from all of Patel’s other channels, including his podcast and YouTube channel, so you can digest videos, tutorials, analyses, and written blog content.

Readers can learn how to apply certain techniques across areas such as growing website traffic, attracting more social media followers, and creating a successful digital brand from the ground up.

Best for: Every digital marketer looking for a mixed bag of content types and formats – this is suited to all digital marketers, whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself highly experienced.

15. OmniConvert

OmniConvert blog

OmniConvert is on the smaller side compared to some of these sites. Still, the key appeal is that it says all the content is designed to be actionable – finding tangible ways to improve the way you work, add value, and achieve better results.

The content is high-quality and submitted either by members of the OmniConvert team or by invited guest authors with a specialism or area of expertise.

Articles include guides to optimization, deep dives into consumer behaviors, and how-to’s that look at ecommerce reporting, extracting retail data, and instigating an environment for organizational change.

Best for: Readers wanting clear advice about improving and optimizing their conversion rates and enhancing e-commerce site performance.

16. ReliableSoft Blog

ReliableSoft Blog

ReliableSoft posts digital marketing content every week covering topics such as content marketing, social media, PPC, and SEO in the form of tutorials, general articles, and detailed how-to guides. Users can register for free to receive the weekly newsletter and can then access the resources portal.

There, you’ll find e-books and guides alongside content intended for aspiring digital marketers looking for directions to getting established in the sector, building up a good level of experience, and understanding what salary to expect.

Blog posts also include reviews and comparisons about the best Google online courses, software options, and digital programs for marketers to subscribe to.

Best for: Entry-level or junior digital marketers, particularly freelance marketers or students hoping to build careers through remote marketing work.

17. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal blog

Search Engine Journal is huge. The journal posts new articles, sometimes multiple times a day, looking at a wide range of subjects, from news about Google ranking indicators to PPC techniques and products and SEO best practices.

It’s a great source of news, but it also has strategic articles, how-to tutorials, and tips from digital marketing experts who have seen and done it all.

While there are tons of popups to wade through, if you can manage to read without being distracted, this is an excellent place to find knowledge, information, and data indicating forthcoming trends in all things search.

Best for: Marketers wanting real-time, up-to-date news alerts when releases or announcements come to light and those wanting in-depth guides and tips around Google Analytics.

18. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land blog

Launched by Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan, cofounder of Third Door Media and now a Google partner, Search Engine Land publishes daily updates primarily around Google and search engine algorithms, but also about search in a broader sense.

Content includes how-to and tactical guides to show marketers and brands how to get started building a campaign that will rank well for SEO.

Reports are varied and insightful, and while the focus is on search engine optimization, you can also find blogs based on specific channels or platforms, including Facebook and Bing.

Best for: Daily marketing news, insights into Google updates, and information about industry trends explained in a straightforward, no-fuss style.

19. Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable blog

This blog is more of an online community of SEO pros, and it’s a fantastic place to come if you’re experiencing SEO-related difficulties or don’t know how to get around a change to Google policies or indicators that are having a negative impact.

The comments section is lively and provides snippets of information or advice. You can learn from the real-world experiences of experts who can recommend the right solutions or explain what a change in an algorithm means for you.

Blogs are direct, jargon-free, and simplified – you’ll receive alerts when new content is posted that concerns a just-released event or announcement.

Best for: Advice about how to respond when impacted by a sudden change to the Google algorithm or another policy reform that affects the way your digital content is shown and searchable.

20. Semrush Blog

Semrush Blog

Semrush is a well-known name in digital marketing, and the blog features guides about Semrush tools and components as well as more generalized content and how-to guides.

New blogs are posted daily and are of great quality, with a lot focused on strategies and tactics, such as how to create keyword lists for specific objectives or which resources to use as a part of continued professional development for those involved in technical SEO.

If you’re not a Semrush user, you can create a free account to use some of the tools, such as keyword research, keyword trackers, and technical site audits – although the blog is free, and you don’t need to have an account if you don’t wish to.

Best for: Technical advice around SEO best practices, organically growing brand visibility, and improving traffic to your blog or website.

21. SPI – Smart Passive Income

SPI – Smart Passive Income blog

Founded by Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income is all about educating readers to adopt proven methodologies and strategies to help their businesses or brands grow.

There is a YouTube channel and podcast, which tend to be more regularly updated than written blog posts, but make no mistake – Flynn is considered a true expert in affiliate marketing and its place in the broader context of digital marketing.

Articles are all based on tuition and instructional advice and feature tips taken from real-world scenarios you can apply yourself, covering things like learning podcasting, email marketing, or how to build an online community.

Best for: Listeners and readers wanting to develop new skills and knowledge and grow their professional abilities, particularly in affiliate marketing.

22. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner blog

As the name suggests, Social Media Examiner is all about the changes that often occur rapidly and without warning across the social media landscape. This weekly newsletter provides the latest updates in everything from social media marketing to advertising policies and costs.

Digital marketers can access content detailing changes to ranking algorithms with actionable advice that extends beyond social media and is also relevant to other online marketing platforms.

You can find studies, reports, and comprehensive guides alongside the weekly blog with guest authors, including digital marketing experts with various specialties.

Best for: Social media marketers and businesses wanting to understand how better to leverage social media marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy.

23. Think With Google

Think With Google blog

This blog is produced by Google staff members and extracts data and information in the form of case studies contributed by Google teams.

From research data to analytics of emerging trends, inspiration around internet marketing, and content strategy ideas, Think With Google is a great resource to stay up to date with Google products but also understand how it views and incorporates digital marketing into its activities.

Content is published daily and is designed to help marketers expand and improve their performance by seeing the perspective of the search engine provider and incorporating that into their strategies.

Best for: All digital marketers who rely on Google to produce results.

24. WordStream Blog

WordStream blog

The WordStream blog has won multiple awards and is part of the business that offers free keyword generators and Google Ads trackers, originally founded by Larry Kim – a famous name in PPC and digital marketing.

While the company has since been bought out, it remains highly relevant and receives millions of searches, with new content added to the blog every week.

Signing up for the free newsletter means you receive an email alert with a summary of new content on a weekly basis, or you can browse the titles and content with categories assigned to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Best for: Insights and guidance based around PPC and SEO, including articles about the best times to post, inspiration for captions, and how-to tutorials on various Google tools.

25. Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast SEO Blog

Our final blog is from Yoast – associated with the Yoast SEO plugin, which stands as one of the most popular in use by digital marketers. The primary focus is SEO, but the content is also relevant to multiple marketing platforms, including e-commerce channels.

The Yoast blog is laid out intuitively, split into the best guides for SEO, articles intended for new SEO marketers, and the most recent news about the Yoast plugin and product features.

Yoast blogs are well-written, to the point, and concise, so they are ideal if you don’t have a great deal of spare time but still want to stay up to date with the latest developments in SEO.

Best for: SEO knowledge written by and for digital marketers and how-to guides to enhance the impact of your online content and marketing campaigns through intelligent use of SEO.

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

All the blogs featured here offer high-quality, reliable, and credible knowledge that can be beneficial in every aspect of digital marketing. If you’re unsure which to follow, we’d suggest narrowing it down based on your career stage and any areas of digital marketing expertise that make one blog more relevant than another.

The benefits of keeping pace are compelling, ensuring you’ll have smart and clear answers to any interview questions that come your way or know why and how changes to algorithms or social media advertising policies are likely to impact your own campaign – and what to do about it.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle

Lauren Edwards-Fowle

Lauren is a copywriter and content writer at Digital Marketing Jobs Board, specialising in digital marketing for business and all things finance, having been a logistics MD and practice accountant before moving into digital! She loves to break down complex topics to make information accessible and produce content that is fun, entertaining, and genuinely useful, capturing data, stats, and trends and translating them into real-world terminology. As a writer, parent and crossfitter, Lauren's most treasured asset is free time, where you'll find her on the beach or walking her dogs to make the most of the fresh air.

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