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Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Looking to stay on top of all marketing trends? Here are 7 of the best digital marketing blogs and websites every marketer should read!

Written By DMJ Team

If you are trying to reach your public in a way that is collaborative and meaningful, it helps to research as much about digital marketing as you can. Since digital marketing is one of the most useful tools you can have right now, you will be pleased to know that there are lots of websites that can give you whatever information you are looking for.

This can help you use the right strategies at the right time. Make sure to add these digital marketing blogs to your daily reading list.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs

1. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Content

Whether you go directly to his blog and website, check him out on iTunes, stop by his YouTube channel or catch his stories and streams on Instagram, a day doesn’t go by without Gary Vaynerchuk posting new content related to marketing.

He clearly practices what he preaches, as he is incredibly active among every aspect of digital marketing.

Gary has plenty of great advice related to social media marketing campaigns and takes a qualitative approach to everything he does.

His whole approach revolves around giving value instead of just asking for results. This teaches you how to make real connections with your audience while using marketing techniques as a tool.

If you binge on his information, you will come away with a wealth of information that can be useful to whatever you are trying to do.

2. Contently

You can log onto Contently any given day and come away with some new strategies. They also have software and other tools that you can put to use right now to get results.

Their tools are valuable since so much of digital marketing right now is data-driven. They have software that can help you analyse your backlinks and keywords, protect your reputation and more.

3. Medium

Medium is one of the more interesting social media platforms to spring up of late. While others are going all-in on photos, video and minimal text, Medium leans all the way into text-based content, catering to people who like daily reads.

You can post your own blog posts, articles or any written tidbits on a regular basis and pull in subscribers who want to read what you have to write. Likewise, you can go on Medium and subscribe to people who publish the type of content you are looking for.

Digital marketing happens to be one of the most written about topics on Medium, with people posting loads of information on digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

A lot of the biggest digital media experts, authors and analysts post on Medium regularly, giving you access to lots of free advice.

Marketing giants use medium to get their message out across multiple platforms. By downloading the app and subscribing to some marketers that post regularly, you will be feeding your mind good information on a daily basis that will make you a better marketer.

4. Neil Patel’s Content

Neil Patel has emerged as one of the most followed online marketing gurus and is a never-ending resource of information.

Not only does he have a few books you can buy, but he is also very active on his blog. He has posted a lot of advice for free that has empowered entrepreneurs to start from scratch and turn their efforts and strategy into six figures.

Patel teaches people how to build a course from the ground up, which enhances your brand recognition and rakes in lots of passive income.

5. Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income website, blog, and podcast has lots of great content that will help you master marketing and get richer in the process.

The brand has had so many experts on who can walk you through the finer points of marketing piece by piece. You will come away inspired to start your own business and improve your marketing efforts so that you can bring in big bucks.

6. Think Traffic

This is a site that gets to the nuts and bolts of generating traffic.

It helps you learn how to work with data and use strategies that will bring more people to your website. This is one of the best sites to check out if you know you have great ideas and content but can’t figure out how to get people to it.

7. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is still one of the biggest publications when it comes to advice for small businesses.

It started as a magazine in 1977, and has stuck around as a site that you have to check out if you want to know what’s going on with business and marketing. You will definitely want to visit the website every day and subscribe to alerts.

Stay Up on the Latest and Best Digital Marketing Blogs

You need to always be reading these digital marketing blogs to stay up to date on the happenings of the field.

To have a chance to succeed today, your business needs to get comfortable with marketing. It is a tool that you will have to keep learning for as long as you run a business.

When you have some amazing websites that you can check out to learn more about digital marketing, it will help you in your growth. And before you know it, you will be a marketing expert in your own right.

Our site is also one of the best marketing resources that you absolutely have to check out.

So you want some digital marketing resources to help your brand? Bookmark our site and be sure to check back regularly.

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