4 Things You Should Never Do In Your Digital Marketing Interview

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Digital Marketing is an industry that has exploded over the past decade. But it’s not slowing down. So if you’re looking to enter the field in the near future, you don’t need to worry about finding an opening - you just need to be able to get it! The growth in the industry has been followed by growth in applicants, and it is becoming ever more important to nail your interview to put yourself above the others in the eyes of the panel.

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So, what are a few things you must avoid in order to ace an interview for the Digital Marketing sector? Read on to find out our top 4.


1. Be unprepared

This may seem obvious, and true - it applies to every interview for any job - but for Digital Marketing it is so critical to know what you’re talking about, have relevant examples, and be able to apply that back to the specific business you’re applying for a job with. Why? Because modern marketing (read, Digital) is all about pull rather than push. Companies aren’t gaining new clients/followers/buyers buy undertaking massive push marketing campaigns.

They’re getting new leads via intelligent, data-driven content marketing in the digital sphere. So what do you know about the current companies work in that area, and how can you apply your experience to that?


2. Try to fake it

As much as you need to know what you’re talking about and understand the business’s current campaigns, you should never try to say you understand what you don’t. In Digital Marketing, things move quickly, and no one knows everything about everything. For example, if your specialty is creating amazing video content for Instagram and Snapchat, don’t try to bluff your way through a website coding question.

Focus it back on what you’re good at, and how you can help from that end.


3. Be vague or apathetic

Digital Marketing is all about relationships and data. If you’re vague in your answers, it suggests a lack of understanding of the field. Be confident in your responses, and nail the details. Digital Marketing demands knowledge of the most effective use of data - that means detail, strategy and catalogues. Ambiguity doesn’t suit those needs.

In the same way, apathy affects how you come across - you should be passionate about this field and what you can achieve. After all, you’re not trying to be an accountant, you’re trying to show the public why this company is worth their time, engagement and money!


4. Neglect transferable skills

One thing we see constantly in this field is that people think if they haven’t run a fully-fledged digital campaign before, they have no reason to talk about their past. It’s just not the case. Plenty of things you’ve done in other work, or indeed through study or just personal life, lends itself to the ability to perform effectively in the Digital Marketing sphere.

Think about everything you do from day to day that emboldens you in the digital sphere, and tie it in to your answers. Live and breathe digital.


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