Digital Marketing Blog - September 2018

  • What Can I Do With My Marketing Degree?

    Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    A common question for those coming out of university is, “ what can I actually do with this marketing degree ?”. And there may be few degrees that lead to this question more often than a Bachelor of Marketing. So, you’ve just completed your marketing degree and you’re wondering where to go from here. We’ve put together a list that might help. What is marketing? But first off, what is marketing? ...

  • 4 Things You Should Never Do In Your Digital Marketing Interview

    Posted on Friday, September 14, 2018 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    Digital Marketing is an industry that has exploded over the past decade. But it’s not slowing down. So if you’re looking to enter the field in the near future, you don’t need to worry about finding an opening - you just need to be able to get it! The growth in the industry has been followed by growth in applicants, and it is becoming ever more important to nail your interview to put yourself ...

  • Which Transferable Skills Are Most In Demand For Digital Marketing Right Now

    Posted on Saturday, September 8, 2018 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    Anyone who works in digital marketing knows that it’s a sector that is susceptible to constant change. Improving technology is one of the main drivers for this but so is how customers behave and what they want as well as the large amount of data we know have available which can help inform decision making. That’s why keeping your skills up to date and making sure you aware of the current trends ...