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The link building agency that focuses on relevance
UK | HQ: Brighton
UK | HQ: Brighton


Hive19 is the link building agency that focuses on relevance and builds sustainable growth for SaaS and Fintechs.

We specialise in helping brands acquire leads through organic search using keyword-led outreach strategies that earn coverage and drive organic rankings in search.

Offering a seamless integration with marketing KPIs that compliments targeted SEO strategies, we deliver coverage for long-term, sustainable online growth.

Relevance underpins everything when creating topical authority for your brand. Creative keyword-led research helps us find opportunities to earn coverage, fuel organic rankings, and drive relevant leads.

Global SaaS brands partner with us to earn topical coverage and boost their search rankings. As a powerful extension of your SEO team, we free you up to focus on your core marketing strategies and deliver on your KPIs.

Building authority for the future starts with topically-relevant coverage that improves over time. This foundational approach will fuel a sustainable flow of organic traffic now and into the future.

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