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We are the best place to work for experts and the best partner for brands that want to grow online.

Donutz is not your typical digital agency.

We are a performance marketing agency focused on increasing our clients’ ROI through search and social channels.

Nothing crazy new until here… it gets interesting from here.

>> We have been a fully remote digital agency since the COVID19 pandemic. This has allowed us to spread our wings across Europe. Our experts live in France, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania or even Canada.

>> Our model is somewhere between a traditional digital marketing agency and a freelance platform. We take the best of both worlds to deliver more value to you.

>> Our model has a deep respect for our clients but also for our experts. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that happy people = happy workers. We put your needs and the needs of our people first, ensuring that everyone is in the best possible condition to break records.

We are convinced that we are the best solution for you because our model is fully aligned with your own performance. If you grow, we grow, not the other way around. We bring an unreachable value for money.

All of this, allows Donutz to attract top talent with an average of over 6 years of experience and in all types of industries.

For you, this means considerable savings in time and money as we can tap into our extensive knowledge base.

Too good to be true? Just talk to our team or our clients. Our results speak for themselves.

If you like what you read, we’re probably made for each other

So why don’t you visit our website, contact us and make an appointment to get your free personalized marketing plan.

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